ROBIN ♂ – born 07/2018

Everything we can say about this boy would fit into one sentence. Robin is just another word for happiness. At first sight, this dog will get under your skin so much that you will not be able to stop thinking about him after you see him. He will not look you in your eyes but in your soul, he will quietly steps with his front feet in a place, he will not remove a smile from his face and his whole body will tell you: please, please take me with you, I will be your best friend. And we know it’s the truth. Although he has spent his entire life in shelters, Robin looks like he arrived from some apartment from the arms of some people. He is so cuddling, so kind and polite, gentle and smiling. A cheerful friend with all dogs and cats. Perfect on a leash. Simply a flawless dog.

Robin is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He weighs about 15 kg and is 45 cm tall.