RONALD ♂ – born 09/2015

Ronald’s story is a type of story that is the most saddest for us. Because it’s about dog that once had an owner and lived in a house. And that lasted for almost 5 years, after which, due to unfortunate circumstances, our Roni ended up in a shelter. It’s hard for us to describe the grief of dogs to whom something like this happens. They don’t know what they did wrong and they did nothing wrong. They don’t know it’s forever, they’re waiting for their owner and they think every time they exit the cage, is actually means they are going home. After that first shock comes that moment when they realize that will be their life. And then a special sorrow comes. This is the hardest thing for us volunteers to watch. We try to make it easy for them, take them for walks, hug them and love them but these dogs just want a home. Because they used to have it and then lost it. So our little Ronald goes to the every visitor and begs to take him home. He’s a little guy who loves to drive in a car. On a walk he is wonderful, you don’t even feel him. He gets along well with all dogs. He has a gentle and calm energy, walks are so easy with him.

Ronald is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He is 40 cm tall and weighs 14 kg.