RUDI ♂ – born 09/2017

The young, cheerful and curious boxer/labrador mix didn’t see much in the first two years of his life. His life before the shelter was small and dirty cage. Rudi’s destiny is a typical story from these area. A new puppy arrived at his place in the cage and Rudi needed to leave. He has come to us so eager for everything that he cannot wait to go out for a walk. Rudi adores people. He patiently waits for someone to pat him through the bars, and when he comes out of the box he never stops hugging us. Rudi has all his life in front of him and he cannot wait to see everything, to learn everything he needs to know and to enjoy everything. Bright eyes and a wide smile follow our every step in the shelter. An active family who can enjoy adventures with him, would be ideal for Rudi.

Rudi is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. Weighs about 22 kg. Thank you Simone Fink for sponsoring Rudi! 🙂