SARIE ♀ – born 11/2016

Sarie came to our shelter with her 3 weeks old babies, rescued at last minute. From the beginning we saw this wonderful, wounded soul as the best mom in the world taking care of her puppies. Hungry and exhausted, she moved aside that babies can ate. She guarded them, and heated with her body. This beautiful mama protectively kept the first blanket we brought them to sleep, she didn’t want to be separated from it even when we just wanted to replace it with a new, clean one. Half of her babies were lost, and she was very ill herself, but with endless patience she pushed through all the therapies, injections, and infusions. She fully trusted us with her and her baby’s lives and we knew that we had to justify that trust as best we could. While she was on the edge between life and death, we told her a story of a happier life. Story about a world where dogs sleep on warm bed and where they are safe. Where they don’t have to worry about having food in their bowls. Where people hug and kiss them, take walks through a green meadows. About a world where someone will care about her like she cared about her children. In that moment, while we were looking in her already absent eyes, we promised her the best life in the world. For her, we are looking for the best people to help us fulfill that promise. She is great on a leash, she gets along well with other dogs, adores people, and her favorite activity is running around the hills in our shelter. Sarie is ready to go in her forever home.

Sarie is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. She has 14 kg and is 48 cm tall.