SHIVA ♀ – born 10/2016

A cute little girl with “bad-hair-day”, that will steal your heart without you even realizing it. Her eyes are living sparkles and she looks at us like a little miss, from her box. She is so adorable with her shyness at first sight. When she gets out of the cage, it’s a real blast of luck. Then she runs with her great roommate Jordan and would rather sing with happiness. You can see it in the video. Shiva loves walking, but she also loves being with her family on a sofa, like a little kitten. She is very intelligent and quick learner. She gets along with all dogs.

Shiva is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She is 40 cm tall and weighs about 12 kg. Thank you Kerstin Michael for sponsoring Shiva! 🙂