SOE ♂ – born 06/2017

Soe is a beautiful young hunting mix dog that came to us from the city pound. He was very close to death. He survived parvoviroses, showed a great desire for life, and although he was terrified of fear, he gave us full confidence. Everything bad is now behind him, and Soe just blossom into a beautiful and gentle young boy. He’s still frightened and does not approach easy to people. He is also slowly gets used to the leash. Like he is still not sure what will happened and where he is going. On the other hand, he is very fond of dogs and regularly falls in love with all his roommates and becomes the most loyal friend in the world. We believe that with little patience he would also attach to his human family and shows how lucky and grateful he is for getting a second chance.

Soe has about 20 kg, he is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Height: 49 cm.
Thank you Birgit Freidl, Bettina Knier and Manfred del Zenero for sponsoring Soe! 🙂