TORA ♀ – born 08/2018

Our Tora is a little wiggling girl we can watch all day while she dances around us. Cheerfully and obediently she jumps around us on two legs, just to brush us with a kiss and already quickly run to play across the meadow. We don’t know what life brought to her before us. Judging by the condition in which she was found, nothing good. However, even that ugly experience didn’t take the joy out of her life, because Tora is a small sparkle that doesn’t take a smile off her face. She loves to play with other dogs. With new people it only takes her a few seconds to assess that everything is fine, and she is already happily wagging her tail. We envy the little girl for her courage, considering that she is accompanied by the great gentle giant Aslan. Of course, she holds the strings in their friendship. Just like a princess, she cuddles with him sweetly, and then the most delicious bites of food are hers. So as the most of our kisses in her soft curls. Tora is an active girl, with a cheerful spirit and a smart head, eager for tasks and socializing, after which she will sleep peacefully in her bed. She is so easy on the leash. This young girl is just at the beginning of her life and doesn’t want to wait too long for her happy end.

Tora is vaccinated, microchipped and soon sterilized. She is 42 cm tall and weighs 14 kg.