TWIGGY ♀ – born 12/2017

We like to think of her as an Egyptian princess. So graceful and elegant. She has the attitude, the look, she glows, and she has a face just like some proud princess. Twiggy is one of the 8 puppies that we took when they were only 2 weeks old. We fed them with milk, they were our babies for long time, and Twiggy is the only one remaining with us, all the others were adopted. Dear girl is completely focused on people. Although she loves running, when she gets out of the box, she returns very quickly to the company of people and seeks cuddling. Twiggy would need an active family with which this sports girl could spend her energy. Twiggy is very friendly with all dogs and is perfect on the leash.

Our princess is vaccinated, microchipped and soon to be sterilized. She has about 20 kg. Height: 55 cm.