TWIST ♂ – born 10/2017

If you think this beautiful croatian shepherd is going to be very active or running away from you during walk, you are so wrong. Twist is the exact the opposite! He loves to get out of his box and run, but from the first day he follows next to the leg, doesn’t like to get away from us, and returns to his box without any hesitation. He simply follows us, without a leash. A beautiful, so beautiful young dog. He arrived from the Pula city shelter and immediately won our hearts with his kindness. He agrees with everyone, approaches everyone with an open heart. If you want a smart four-legged friend who will show you nothing but love for 24 hours, Twist is the right guy for you.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and soon castrated. He is 54 cm tall and weighs about 22 kg.