VIVIAN ♀ – born 07/2018

Thrown out with puppies of which only one survived, moved from one shelter to another, not understanding anything at all, our Vivian seemed at one point to lose all hope that there was anything beautiful for her in this world. Quiet, she spends most of her time inside her box, invisible to the whole world, as if she thinks she’s not worth anyone’s attention. For dogs like Vivian, staying in a shelter is the worst. Constantly surrounded with noise and barking. These gentle souls like Vivan are trapped in their fear, completely without hope that there is something for them that can bring them happiness. Vivian has no flaws other than her fear. Beautiful outside and inside, lovely soft hair, gentle character. Perfect with all dogs, with people at a distance but as soon as she notices that you wish her well, she slowly opens up and then shows all her beauty. A cheerful run, a shy affection, a bright look. She is perfect on a leash, loves long walks, and loves the most when she walks so far that she can no longer hear the noise of the shelter. Then she is another dog, happily and gently exploring the world around her. We are sure that Vivian just needs a chance to leave the shelter, she needs a quiet corner and a soft bed and she will show her people the beauty of her soul. Because when Vivian falls in love it will be endlessly. You just need to give her a chance to shine and you will get the best friend in the world.

Vivian is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She is 45 cm tall and weighs 18 kg.Thank you Rajna Kljajić, Stephan Seidl and family Christmann for sponsoring Vivian! 🙂