VUKA ♀ – born 11/2012

Vuka is another dog saved from the horror shelter of the Capica association in Rijeka. If you’re wondering where the name Vuka (Wolf) comes from, well, Vuka shared her enclosure with the legendary Gina, a mix of wolf that has since been adopted. Because of the particular color of her coat which resembles that of a wolf, she was named Vuka. And she has truly peculiar colors for a terrier: she is brown with grey streaks and has adorable long white whiskers. She is of a somewhat timid nature, not surprising considering she spent her whole life in a cramped enclosure with no walks, no contact with people or other dogs or the outside world in general, aside from what she could see through the bars of her enclosure. Vuka welcomes people, is in the process of mastering walks on a leash and is slowly discovering the outside world. We are certain that she would quickly relax in a home with the right, patient people.

Vuka weighs cca 21 kg, has been vaccinated, spayed and has a microchip. Thank you Tihana Juričan for sponsoring Vuka! 🙂