AMI ♀ – born 2015

We could talk about Ami for hours. Actually, if you sit next to Ami, her face and her behavior will tell you the whole story. Ami’s story left a deep mark on us. She was adopt as a puppy, and 3 years after, she was brought at the shelter directly from her apartment. That sadness when she came to us we will never forget. She wanted to jump out of her skin, she wanted to disappear from this world and didn’t allow us to help her. It was terrible to look all that horror in her eyes and couldn’t do anything. We used to sat next to her for hours and just let her talk to us. Slowly, Ami opened her heart and let herself feel that she is loved again. All that panic and despair just disappeared. Ami turned into a lovely girl, a little bit shy. It’s so charming how she act when we get into her box.. she goes into her bed waiting for us to sit next to her. And then she drones under the blanket, covers her head and mumble out of pleasure. Like telling us: I know it was difficult but I forgot everything ..Ami is ready for a new start, she is great with all dogs and she is excellent on the leash. All she needs is the family who will never leave her again.

Ami is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She has 25 kg. Thank you Nadia Višković for sponsoring Ami! 🙂