AMOR ♂ – born 2014

First years of his life Amor lived in a modest home conditions but he was surrounded by unconditional love. We think this shaped him for a lifetime. Later, because of the tragic series of circumstances, his life changed completely, so he had spent the last year in a city pound, where he almost didn’t go out of the cage. However, Amor’s stability is so strong that despite such cruel circumstances, he has remained beautiful, careless and full of trust. And above all, he is completely positive in his smart head. Amor is a wonderful and obedient dog. A faithful friend. From the first day he returns to his box as he has been with us for years. He is perfect on the leash and grateful for every moment of human attention. He meets dogs in a friendly way but still, it is all new for him because he had been isolated from socializing and playing with dogs for long time. We do not suspect that our clever boy will soon learn all this with his people, outside the shelter.

Amor is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He has about 25 kg. Thank you family Jureč for sponsoring Amor! πŸ™‚