ASLAN ♂ – born 08/2019

Imagine a life you spend in solitude, “guarding” a field tied to a thick chain, in the heat, without cold water to freshen up, without human voice and touch to brighten your day. Without anyone breaking that silence. Imagine that people who sometimes throw you a few pieces of dry bread decide to make a bad joke and shave you to the skin in that heat. So your skin burns and makes open wounds with thousands of fleas who drink your blood. Aslan experienced all of that. Loneliness, sadness, shaving to look “wicked like a lion”, while fleas ate him alive. With almost 50 kilos, he didn’t fight, didn’t bite. He surrendered. Along that way, he met a friend he loved more than ever. Little black hairy girl Tora. The gentle giant was so loyal to her, when we arrived to picked him up, he decided to go with us only if we take her too. So we did. Now we enjoy watching two of them together for hours. Him leaving the best pieces of food to her. Her hiding from the sun beneath his large body. Aslan’s character is manifested in his gentleness, in his protective but above all, gentle behavior. He is so sensible. He is a dog who listens to you and wants to understand what you are asking of him. A dog that will guard you with his whole heart. A gentleman dog seeking for a meadow where he can stretch his long legs and a man who will heal his wounds. For Aslan we are looking for people who love big dogs, and understand that sometimes the strongest dogs has the most fragile hearts. He has no problems with females, and is extremely gentle and submissive with people.

Aslan is vaccinated, microchipped and soon castrated. He is 63 cm tall and weighs 45 kg.