AX ♂ – born 06/2015

What to say about the creature in whose eyes you see all the love and warmth of the dog’s soul? Just like his eyes, Ax is perfection. Soft, gentle character, a smile that doesn’t come off his face, fully committed to his man with desire to do everything for him. Ax is perfect on the leash, with people and dogs he is wonderful. Clean, tidy and quiet. A dog that seeks nothing but the company of people that he will love infinitely. Once he had his beloved owner, unfortunately life circumstances have separated them forever. He was sad, unsecure and lonely, trying to understand what happened. Now we want for Ax to find new parents as soon as possible. A family who will fill his soft heart with warmth and love. He is a dog who will do everything for his family, with great love in his heart.

Ax is vaccinated, microchipped, and castrated. He has cca 20 kg.