BILLY ♂ born 2009

Billy is the grandpa whose entire life has been a complete horror. He spent the first 9 years on the chain, never walked and was regularly beaten by the owner. He survived with the help of the good people in the neighborhood who had fed him untill his owner died from old age. So Billy ended up with us at the shelter. Only the first few days Billy had been very frightened and lost, but he quickly found out that nothing ugly would ever happen again. Billy simply blossomed. He does not stop wagging his tail when he comes out of the box. Even in the box he is satisfied, so happy he has a safe place and plenty of food. Billy is a beautiful and gentle soul who will always be a bit shy because of all the evil he has experienced. But as long as he feels love, he will feel safe and be the most loyal dog you can imagine. Thanks for the new chance in life. Although his life in the past was a nightmare, Billy showed that he never stopped believing in people, in love and goodness. And he returns all of that to the people. For Billy we are searching for gentle family, possible also with 1 female dog. Billy doesn’t need a lot, only a little walk during the day and a place he can call his own.

Billy boy is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. It has about 15 kg. Thank you Bianca Hübsch, Lorelei Roessler and Ljerka Šimunić for sponsoring Billy! 🙂