BOBA ♀ – born 09/2017

Boba will leave you breathless at the first moment you see her. A beautiful big girl with shiny and rich hair. Boba radiates with calmness. She is a sensitive and smart young lady. They brought us her litter of 10 babies this winter, and they were all wonderful characters, like their mom Boba. Recently, we have noticed that our gentle girl is getting sad every day, she has a very difficult time staying at the shelter. She become quiet and depressed, only waits for somebody to comfort her. She would give anything for going to the peace and quiet home. Boba loves walking outside the shelter. Only in that time she is happy and then we can see her wonderful character. You don’t feel her on a leash, she never pull it, just keeps following your rhythm.

Our dear big girl is vaccinated, microchipped and soon to be sterilized. She is 60 cm tall and has about 30 pounds.