CHEKHOV ♂ – born 2002

It’s hard to describe how we felt when that old boy walked into our shelter. We were in shock for sure. We took him from the City shelter where he came after 17 long years spent in the yard, outdoor, on the chain. We were happy because he came to us and at the same time so sad because we are aware that the beloved old man didn’t have much more left in this world. There are so much kindness and tenderness in him. So much of curiosity and gratitude. Chekhov quickly gets tired but he does not stop. He is walking, exploring, sniffing, smiling. He sees less and hears less, but he manage very well and he follows people. We want to find him a home even if it is for short period. A gentle old boy needs a soft bed, a small garden and a peaceful dream. Since he had lived as a slave throughout his life, we want him to see how it is to be a loved family member, before he falls asleep forever.

Chekhov has been vaccinated and microchipped. Castration makes no sense in his years. He has about 25 kg. Thank you Elke Roldan Espana for sponsoring Chekhov! 🙂