CHOBI ♂ – born 2014

You cannot imagine how gentle soul is hiding under this sharp hair and an impressive look. Every day, more and more we discover what emotional boy Chobi is. He lived in the yard of a warehouse for years. That was his whole world. When the warehouse was closed, Chobi came to us. In the begining he was on distance, like he didn’t believe he deserves a big meadow for running and people for cuddling. Today Chobi shows happiness without hesitation and enjoys cuddling and running. He gets along with all dogs, never dominated. He still needs to meet cats. Chobi’s eyes are now mirror of his sad life in the past and these eyes are looking for the family. We see it every time we look at him in a box. If you want a wise dog with really impressive look, Chobi is the right choice.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and soon will be castrated. He is 60 cm high and weighs about 30 kg. Thank you Anita Sossalla for sponsoring Chobi! 🙂