CHOPPER ♂ – born 2011

Our dear Chopper ended up in the shelter after he spent all his life surviving on the road. Maybe he had an owner long time ago, but for a long time, he is depending only on himself. Chopper used to be a small local sheriff, who had to be faster and clever than others to survive surrounded with bigger dogs. Life in a box is very difficult to him. He is spending days pushing his head through the cage trying to break the iron fence which separate him from us. After so many years on the street, you could think that Chopper would spend his free time running on our hills, but no, he is “attached” to us, following us all the time and make us smile when we look his sweet face with wrong jaw and broken little teeth. Choper’s greatest joy is to cuddle with us in the living room. Then he may lie down in the corner of the couch for a few hours or sit on the chair, hoping we won’t see him, and return him to his cold box. He is excellent with female dogs and puppies. With bigger male dogs he is sometimes grumpy because of fear. We have not tested him with cats yet.

Chopper has about 6 kilos, he is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. Thank you Vanna Mihaljević and Katharina Allgayer for sponsoring Chopper! 🙂