DEA ♀ – born 11/2015

Our little forest fairy, that’s how we like to call her. Dea, our sweetie, our little squirrel. Dea, who had lived in the forest for 2 years, frozen in fear after her pack was removed from where she was born. Her small world was all she knew. Dea survived thanks to good people who didn’t get their hands off her, who fed her and brought her closer to the neighborhood and homes. When they finally caught her, we thought Dea would be wild, but the little fairy completely knocked us off our feet. Looks like this was what she had been waiting for all her life. She accepted us like family, looking forward to volunteers and visitors. Dea is thrilled having her own bed and a bowl full with food. The most of all, she enjoys cuddling. She doesn’t walk more then 1 meter away from us. She is tied to our hearts with an invisible bond. Dea responds promptly when we walk with her, she jumps in our hug with so much happiness. She loves other dogs, and so easy on the leash. After 2 years in the forest, Dea is fully prepared to give her heart to people who will love her just as she loves them – endlessly.

Dea is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. She has 20 kg and is 47 cm tall.