DEDA ♂ born 2009

Deda is an old German Shepherd who has unfortunately experienced his old age spend in a shelter. You have thought he would be unhappy or angry, but no, it’s heartwarming how Deda is so kind and patient. He loves people people and he is thankful for every touch. Deda is extremely tolerant to other dogs. He currently shared his box with two young girls who give him no peace sometimes, but our Deda is so patient and it seems to us he even enjoy sometimes. Although he is old, in his eyes we still see a sparkle and a desire for life. When we approach his box, the girls are the first on the fence and he comes from the background, cheerfully waving his tail. Humble old dog with warm eyes and gentle soul. He does not need much, just a small walk, a soft bed and to be close to his people.

Deda is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He has about 20 kg. Thank you Manuela Diettler and Vanna Mihaljević for sponsoring Deda! 🙂