DODO ♂ – born 07/2017

Dodo is Ziggy’s “twin” brother but with completely different character. While Ziggy is careless and happy, our Dodo is sad and concerned. It’s heart breaking for us to see him looking at us quietly and with so much sadness. From the beginning he was a little shy and somehow serious, not typical for the puppy. It’s like an old soul is hidden in his puppy’s body. Our Dodo has cool character, he is a dog who had never been interested in a wild puppy’s play. He was always calm and kind. He shared his box with the beloved Greta, also a calm girl. The two of them found a common language at first glance. He’s is such a wonderful friend, it’s just so touching to see how they respect each other and play gently. Dodo is excellent on the leash and so polite when he meets other dogs.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He has about 20 kg.