ECHO ♂ – born 2008

Dear Echo became a part of our Snoopy family after the death of his owner. After 9 years of living only with his man, he moved to a shelter where everything must be shared with the other 60 dogs. His heart is completely broken. He cannot stand to stay in a box, and because of that he is constantly crying. He is happy only when he is close to us, then he can’t stop cuddling, give us kisses, laying on his back and bring the balls to us for playing. When he is with people, Echo doesn’t know what to do first from happiness. His smile become so warm and his face is glowing. Loneliness kills him, in the shelter he is very lonely and miserable. His ideal life would be laying on the couch with his people and lots of cuddling. He is quiet and polite in the apartment, he knows the house rules. Outside on the walk he is great with all the dogs. Inside the shelter he jealously keeping his space. We believe that he would be friendly to everybody in his family. Echo is in good health, it takes just a little more ball throwing to get a better fit. He is not yet introduced with cats.

Our dear malamute has about 30 kilos, he is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated.
Thank you Carsten Lorenz, Helga Heiling and Manfred del Zenero for sponsoring Echo! 🙂