ELBA ♀ – born 2015

Elba was thrown out on the streets with 2 babies. She was been pushed away and beaten while she was begging for food for her and her little babies. Luckily, there was a few beautiful people who shows us the power of humanity and love. They put the little family in a safe place and vaccinated them before there were placed in the shelter. Elba showed us how much she suffer from her horrible past. First 10 days she didn’t even stand up on her feet, she just crawled in front of people. She was shaken when we tried to cuddled her. She felt safe only on the leash. Also, she has scars on her neck from the chain..
Today, Elba is completely different little lady. She is so grateful and commited to people. When we come to the shelter she want to jump to the sky of happiness. She dance with love for us. She finally understand that human hand is for cuddling and human kiss is a reward. Elba is doing better every day. She is still a little afraid of men. But this fear disappear when she realize that man is a friend of her. She likes to play with her roommate, and when she goes out of the box, she rather spend her time in cuddling than running.
Elbe is progressing day by day, fear of men is still a little present, but on the other hand, when she connects to “her man”, she gives her heart to him and she feels completely safe and protected. Because she felt so little love in her sad life, Elba can feel too tight to her man, which can sometimes lead to a problem, such as protects him from other pets and other member of the family. That is why we are searching for a home without little children, in a stable family with experience, people who will know how to set up and learn her what she can do. Elba doesn’t like cats, and with other dogs she has no problem if they are her size or bigger. Elba’s ideal family would be a middle-years couple, without children, with another big dog, where Elba could feel protected and loved. Inside the house Elba is very peaceful and full of love. She has gone through so much sadness in her life and now she only looks for a place where she will be able to show all the beauty and love she can give. And that love is infinite.

Elba is vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. Weight: 18 kg. Thank you Vanna Mihaljević for sponsoring Elba! 🙂