FATU ♀ – born 10/2018

She is a dream come true for everyone. Even for those without any experience with dogs. Just imagine the best of a Labrador/Retriever characteristic. The dog who loves people, children, balls. The dog to which his family is the center of the Universe. That is Fatu. Just look at her eyes that look at the world with so much gentleness. Fatu is a tolerant, soft and endlessly patient girl. So attached to people. As much as she is in love with balls, she is not pushy and will not drive you crazy by asking her to throw balls. Fatu is a decent young lady who follows the rhythm of her family and seems like she read your mind. With all dogs she is great.

Dear Princess is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. Weighs about 20 kilos. Thank you Ingrid BlΓΌm for sponsoring Fatu! πŸ™‚