FLEKI♂ – born 09/2017

Fleki had been a long time in category “puppies” because of his goodness and innocents which is charatcteristic for puppies. He is Hella’s and Tippi’s brother. Just like them, Fleki is incredibly tolerant and gentle. He still shares his box with puppies and it seems to us that Fleki’s will keep that kindness and gentleness of a child for his whole life. He had never have conflict with someone. He never bothered anyone. He is like an older brother to all puppies. He totaly agrees with all dogs. Adores people. Fleki is also an ideal family dog because he loves children. We warmly recommend our wonderful boy .. Better dog than Fleki is really hard to find ..
This spring Fleki operated one hip because of dysplasia and in September he will operate another hip. From first operation he recovered completely and we expect it will be the same with another. After that, Fleki is ready to live his whole life full with happiness and joy, like nothing happened.

FLEKI is vaccinated, microchipped and soon to be neutered. Weight: 14 kg. Thank you Martina Landgraf and Gabriella Luciani for sponsoring Fleki! 🙂