GRETA ♀ – born 05/2016

On the first sight, Greta is a true definition of calmness. She has a warm and wise look that shows pure confidence and security. She arrived from the village Bale where she was wandered who knows for how long. She entered the shelter so politely, with a little hesitation and shyness. We were immediately aware that Greta is a real little lady who respects the world around her. Soon she relaxed, she started to play with dogs and gave us full confidence. Greta is, above all, a smart girl with a wonderful, peaceful character who is grateful for another opportunity in life. From the first day she returns to the box without any problems. She watches us all day waving her tail whenever we look.

Dear Greta is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She has about 27 kg. Height: 60 cm.