ICE ♂ – born 11/2015

Ice is a former Snoopy dog who was saved from terrible gipsy village as a puppy, adopted in a family for whom we thought will be his forever home.
Unfortunately, they only liked the idea of little cute puppy and weren’t ready to deal with the energy of the young dog. He was cruely returned to a shelter after just a year, a year of life with his family and a little child as his best friend. Stories like this are the worst because dogs get used to their people, family life, love and trust and all at once they are thrown away in the shelter where they are left without explanation, tears and often without goodbye. After just few seconds it was clear that Ice’s world was crushed, their abandonment broke his heart. First 4 days he spent in his box in the darkest corner, he ate and moved only at night when nobody was watching him. On our entrance he was reacting aggressively and he didn’t let us close to him. In his eyes we were the one to blame. However, love and food can change a lot, so he slowly decided to trust us. He managed to convince himself that meat is delicious, our companion harmless and that other dogs are his best friends. After only a week, Ice became a different dog, willing to learn and to feel human affection, he is now rarely insecure and scared. One meat can and little love are enough to win his heart.
Ice is a dog who’s heart is slowly healing, and who needs a home where he will feel loved and saved, where he will happily give his heart to people who will never let him down. He is ready to be your best friend for live.

In his Forever home Ice is coming vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Weight:
19 kg.