IDEA ♀ – born 07/2016

If you look closely into her eyes you will see all the torment she has experienced in her life. First it was life with a sick owner and then years of living in a shelter. We have a feeling that this girl has never dared or wished for anything for herself. There is so much modesty in her. Idea is a young dog with an old soul. She arrived to us recently and from the first day we watch how she quietly and unobtrusively enjoys running in the meadows, enjoys cuddling and treats. Idea is a girl who will give you her heart and will never ask for anything in return. Infinitely patient, obedient and tidy. She follows us by the leg and we can guarantee that you will not find a more faithful and grateful dog. Dear girl gets along great with all the dogs and walks beautifully on a leash.

Idea is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She weighs about 19 kg and is 46 cm high.