IKKI ♂ – born 05/2018

Our dear and sensible Ikki. Just like his brother Shinji, Ikki also has the same curiosity and innocence of a child. We believe he will keep it for the rest of his life. At the first sight, Ikki is little insecure and shy, but when you walk with him outside of the shelter, he is the happiest dog in the world. Every week he goes for a walk out of the shelter with our walkers. He is great on the leash and perfect in the car. He is so grateful for these walks because he hates the noise and crowd in the shelter. We believe that our dear boy will blossom in his home and be the most trusted friend to his family. He gets along with all dogs and also with cats.

IKKI is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Weight: ca 23 kg. Height: 57 cm. Thank you Anita Sossalla and Daniel Kleindienst for sponsoring Ikki! 🙂