JOEL ♂ born 2010

Joel shares the same destiny as Matilda. They spent all their life together. Unlike her, he is a more lively boy who feels that life in the shelter is particularly difficult. A large number of dogs make him nervous and he spend most of the day barking. He is also in old age and we see that he is eager for a peaceful life. Joel doesn’t have any problems with other dogs, and he’s especially attached to Matilda. If she goes out for a walk without him, he cries as long as she is gone. Sometimes for hours. Life without human touch for the past year left a consequence on him so he forgot how to relax in human lap. But we believe that outside of the shelter in the warmth of home, he will really enjoy his retirement days, cuddling with people and easy walks. Joel is not get along with cats.

Joel is vaccinated, microchipped and soon to be neutered. He has about 13 kg. Thank you Elke Roldan Espana for sponsoring Joel! 🙂