JOLENE ♀ – born 09/2016

There is something in Jolene that makes us almost cry every time we look at her. Her eyes are full of trust, that warmth and grace in her eyes leave us speachless every day. Jolene is a wonderful soul. She looks at us with human eyes and it seems to us she will start to speak every moment. Dear girl is completely focused on people. She lives for a human attention. She agrees with all dogs but people are what she needs the most in her life. Jolene is very inteligent and enjoys to learn new things. She walks beside our legs, like she is waiting for us to tell her what to do, and she will do it. We found her in a terrible shape, frightened, horribly skinny and hungry. She immediately gave her life to our hands and has been completely trusting to us since the first day. Jolene will be the dog who will be your most faithful friend you could ever imagine.

She has about 18 kg, she is vaccinated, microchipped and soon will be sterilized. Thank you Corinne Bratschi for sponsoring Jolene! 🙂