KAFKA ♂ – born 2006

Kafka has experienced a real “metamorphosis” two weeks after he has arrived. From a scared old boy who was completely unaccustomed of human touch, he became a real joyful little cuddler. He hears well and sees a little weaker. Kafka is walking much more in the shelter than in he’s previous life, so he slowly gets the good condition. He happily follows everybody and loves walking on the grass. He gets along with all dogs, actually he doesn’t really care about them. When he goes out for a walk, he sniffs around and enjoys nature. A gentle old boy doesn’t need much for his retirement. A quiet place for sleeping, a light walks and lots of cuddling.

Kafka is vaccinated and microchipped. Castration doesn’t make sense in his years. He has about 20 kg. Thank you Željka Juričko for sponsoring Kafka! 🙂