KIM ♀ – born 06/2018

Kim is our unique “polar” baby. She came to us when she had about 6 months. We thought she is going to grow up and get serious but no … the little girl is still childish and naive as the first day she arrived. Like Pippi Longstocking, also Kim refuses to grow up. She is so dear and special because of it. Pure and innocent goodness is in her. She still likes to be carried and falls into trans while she is cuddled. Like a little puppy. Kim behaves like a younger sister to all our dogs. If you put your arms through her fence, she will lay her head on them and seems like she can stay like this forever. She simply adores people. Kim is a beautiful gentle soul who urgently needs a warm home and a gentle people.

KIM is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. Weight: ca 18 kg. Height: 53 cm. Thank you Željka Juričko for sponsoring Kim.:)