LEMMY ♂ – born 10/2019

Lemmy is our biggest baby trapped in the Šarplaninac body. We know Lenny since he was a little puppy and we were hoping that we found him his perfect home. Unfortunately, he replaced his life with a newborn baby and kittens who were part of his family with life in a shelter. He had to replace safety and warmth of his bed with wooden pallets and life behind bars. Šarplaninci are a specific breed; they are extremely loyal and very protective, and if they sense insecurity coming from their owners, they have a strong urge to protect them. Their owners must be consistent and determined. At the shelter, Lemmy is terribly eager for human company, he just wants to be noticed. He is cheerful, sweet and a big baby full of trust, in just few moments he gives all his trust and easily bonds with people. He is very smart, ready for new challanges and ready to learn. We are looking for a serious owner who is familiar with the breed, who is ready to overcome all insecurities in our boy’s head and is ready to offer him consistent education, physical activity and much needed mental activity. We guarantee that Lemmy will be the best member of your family.

Lemmy is microchipped, vaccinated and castrated. He has 43 kg and is 69 cm tall.