LIAM ♂ – born 2006

What can we say about Liam, that is not being visible at first glance? Liam’s face tells you the whole story. He is one exhausted old man to whom nothing good has happened in his life so far. He spent all his life in the cage. Such a wonderful mix of malamute and sheepherd whose only wish has always been to be around people. He is tired of waiting but still not losing hope. He still gets out of his bed and comes to say hello to us, every time we walk past his box. He still looks at us with those smart eyes in which he hides all the pain of this world. He was almost completely lost his voice. Liam is a sad old man who doesn’t ask for much. Just a little walk and a piece of yard to rest his old bones. He gets along well with all dogs.

He’s vaccinated, microchipped, and castration doesn’t make sense in his age. He weighs approximately 40 kg. Thank you Elke Roldan Espana, Carolin Fohmann and Anita Sossalla for sponsoring Liam. 🙂