LINA ♀ – born 08/2016

No one would believe how much tenderness in our “piglet” Lina. A beautiful large girl, labrador mix, will soon have her first birthday in the shelter. All her sisters and brothers have their own family, they send pictures from new homes, and Lina as if she knows it, is becoming more and more shy. When they were all together, Lina was trying to show us how great she was, she was jumping happily on the fence and kissing our hands, hoping for her people. Unfortunately, her brothers and sisters went before her, and she was left alone waiting for another chance. Lina is now acting like she thinks her new life will never come. When visitors come to look at her, she demonstratively goes into the inner part of the box, hiding in the corner and waiting for people to go, like she want to protect herself of further disappointment. It hurts us so much that nobody is able to see what we see every day – a delightful Lina who kisses us with so much love, a little jumper, a little girl trapped in a big figure, a wonderful heart who can tell so many love stories to the right people. Lina is a soulful dog, she loves company of other animals, with children she is gentle with children, and to the people she loves, she is perfect. She loves walking and you don’t need a leash because she will follow you in every step.

Lina is microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized. Weight: 23 kg.