LJUPKA ♀ – born 2006

We’ll tell you a few things about our beautiful Ljupka. Ljupka’s first owner tragically passed away, and the second owner ended up with a long-term hospital treatment. And that is something her new family should not think about anymore. Believe us, Ljupka is super intelligent and super sensible girl, and she immediately feels when someone feel sorry for her. Then these beautiful eyes become full of sadness and she starts to cry looking for a comfort. That is why we are looking for a family who will not feel sorry for everything she has been through, but to give her a safe and firm support for the future. She recognize that kind of support immediately and then relaxes and enjoys. This gentle fairy has lived her whole life in the apartment, has been taught to home rules, she loves walking, and she is great on the leash.

Ljupka is in a good health, microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized. She has about 15 kg.