LORD ♂ – born 01/2015

Our cheerful young boy didn’t even realize what had happened to him when he came to us. He used to lived in an apartment, as beloved pet, when the situation in his family changed and he moved from his place near the stove to a cold box in the middle of winter. For days we listened his crying, for days we comforted him, though we didn’t know how to explain to him that it will never be the same again. But we promised that we will find him a home where he will be loved and never abandoned again. A home with soft beds and balls to play with. Lord is a small child in a dog’s body. He just want to play, wagging his tail, jumping and kissing. He is a dog that looks every person deep in the eyes and asks the hardest question, desperately searching for someone to hug him and not let him go again. Lord loves everyone: people, children, dog friends of all sizes. He loves to walk on the leash or just happily runs with you. Balls are his main interest. He is quiet and tidy in the apartment. Lord is a dog that will cheer up every day with his smiling face, and will melt every heart with his infinite love. We have no doubt that once he finds his home, he will only take a deep breath, embrace his new people with all his heart and be the best and most loyal friend in the world.

Lord is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. Weighs about 20 kg.