LUNA ♀ – born 08/2016

Luna is the puppy of our dear Pella, who had the misfortune to spend the first year of her life in the shelter and sharing our love with 90 other dogs. From the very begining Luna is adorable, a little hyperactive sweetie. She has grown into a beautiful young girl, fully-attached to people, playful, compatible with all other animal and children. For Luna, or “Little Pella”, like we call her, the world is a playful backyard with lots of sparkles and good energy. She is always happy and ready for cuddling and she gets along with everyone. Our Luna is also excellent on the leash and she can’t wait for someone to show her how beautiful life is out of the shelters, how wonderful is to fall asleep on a couch and wake up in warmth with her people.

Luna is microchipped, vaccinated and spayed. Weight: 16 kg.