MEDO ♂ born 01/2008

Medo (Bear) is one of the dogs from the horror shelter of the Capica association in Rijeka. He is just that: a big teddy bear. He is a big dog with a majestic posture, large paws and beautiful, warm eyes. If you take a closer look at the pictures, you’ll notice that Medo is missing quite a bit of his tail. Unfortunately, he probably lost it in the shelter from which he was saved. The enclosures were partitioned with iron mesh with large holes in it so many dogs lost bits of ear or tail that way. Medo gets along with people fairly well, he finally start to understand that they are no longer a threat and can be trusted. He showed his gentle soul and his need for human touch. For Medo we would like to find a quiet home with people who are living not so active life. He needs a short walks few times a day and most of all, he needs peaceful life in his old age.

Medo weighs cca 25 kg, has been vaccinated, neutered and has a microchip. Thank you family Hofmann, Goran Pivačić and Doris Göbel for sponsoring Medo! 🙂