MELLY ♀ – born 2008

Do not think Melly is “serious” because of the serious expression on her face. She is a chow-chow mix (also has a purple tongue) and dogs of that breed just look like that. They don’t show much of expression but they have it inside. Melly is a calm girl who loves to lay on a sofa but also has enough strength for long easy walks. She is great on the leash. Melly has spent her entire life in the apartment, she is clean and quiet girl. We placed her in our living room at the shelter and she already feels like home. We see that Melly jealously guards her home, but she is very kind and as soon as she is warned, she immediately calms down and has no problems sharing her space with a large number of dogs. She doesn’t agree with cats. Dear granny is not demanding at all, most of the time she takes a nap in the apartment. For Melly we are looking for a family that is not too active, which can provide Melly easy walks and a quiet warm corner where our short-legged girl could enjoy her retirement.

Melly is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She has about 20 kg. Thank you Thomas Wägner for sponsoring Melly! 🙂