MILA ♀ – born 2012

Mila is a girl saved from the dog pound in high level of pregnancy. Her heart was broken, she was so miserable and full with ticks. She desperately laid her paws on our hands, asking for help for herself and her unborn babies.
After just 4 days, she brought her babies to the world, 2 boys and 4 girls. The trust that Mila had given us on that day, while we were beside her bad, frightened and without experience, overwhelmed us completely. There were so much love and so much emotion in her dog’s soul. She looked at us with total trust, giving us paws and gently kissing her babies. Mila is a wonderful mom, carefully keeping her babies and learning them all they need to know.
But Mila is not just mom. Mila is definition of love in fourlegged form. So gentle, so happy, the kindest dog we have ever met. Exceptionally attached to human. She has already given us her heart, now she is waiting for someone to whom she will give her heart forever.
We don’t know anything about her past, whether she was once loved or what life she lived. But that doesn’t matter anymore. All the bad thing is behind her and Mila is now ready for her new life. As soon as she finish feeding her babies, she will be spayed and ready for her forever home. Ready for the people she will love the most and will never leave them, as someone left her. Mila is love and fidelity, gentleness and warmth, all in one. Perfect for people and children, wonderful with other dogs. We believe that she would find a common language with the cats as well.

Mila is a mixed retriever, about 20 kilos. In new home she will come vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.