MIRKA ♀ – born 05/2017

Little Mirka is a special little creature. At the same time, she could be shy and excited. The outside world is still a strange place for her, so our Mirka prefers to stay inside. She loves being in our living room. Then she lay on the couch or in our lap and she can be in that position for hours. You can put her on the leash with no problem while she is inside of the room. Outside it’s a bit harder to put her on, because Mirka jumps around us, approaches and bounces back, until she enters the room where she is transformed into a wonderful little teddy bear. She is excellent on the leash, she follows people without any problems. If she was asked, she would have to go out only for a short, and then go back to the pillows. The ideal home for her would be with another dog, no matter what size or gender, because Mirka loves dogs. In play with other dogs she is like a small claun and no dog can resist her. Because Mirka is pure love.

A small squirrel has only 5-6 kilos, she is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. Thank you Corinne Bratschi for sponsoring Mirka! 🙂