MONK ♂ – born 08/2016

Monk and his sister Sally are “Utinja children”, they came from one of the worst shelter in Croatia. Rescued with 8 months, they came to us and they did not know anything at all. Terrified and distant, they looked at the world from the distance, so we gave them time to adapt to the new situation.
After a couple of weeks it became clear that Monk is a small bomb, full of energy and so desperately willing for his own people. Because of this, he is sometimes too annoying in the box with other puppies, he is always the first jumping on the fence as soon as he see someone who can take him home. Outside the box, Monk becomes a real gentle dog, a young boy who has lot to learn and to know the world around him. Gentle, attached to people and a bit of a shy, Monk waits for people who will teach him how much life can be beautiful. With other dogs, there is no problem at all, and we believe he will quickly get used to the cats too.

He is microchipped, vaccinated and he will be neutered in fall. Weight: 15 kg.