NARCISA ♀ – born 2016

We can’t remember when we have a dog like Narcisa in our shelter. A dog who is so attached to people from the first minute. As much as we tried to make pictures of her staying away from us, believe us, it’s harder than you think. She is simply “glued” to us. Narcisa has the well-known “shepherd” fidelity that causes tears in our eyes. We know someone left her and wonder if that person knew what he had done and who he lost. Because Narcisa literally live for her family. Completely, untill the last breath. Narcisa is listening what you are saying with her eyes closed, and you have feeling she understands every word. On the leash she walks gently, next to your leg. She doesn’t like to get away from her man. She agrees with other dogs. Narcisa is a German shepherd mix but a bit smaller. She has about 20 kilos and is 47 cm high.

Narcisa is vaccinated, microchipped and she will be sterilized in the end of March.