NERA ♀ – born 03/2014

Nera is a dog who has been let down few times in her life, but she is still ready to give her heart to someone. After her first owner passed away, his friend took care of her as much as he could. It wasn’t easy for her. Luckily, she was placed in temporary home and after that, adopted. She lived in a house and felt what is like to have home again. She lived very actively, went in lot of walks and followed her owner. Unfortunately, Nera’s luck didn’t last long because she injured one cat. The owner decided to give up on her because of locals’ pressure. That’s how she ended up on the street again. Nera’s third home seemed perfect. She lived in a flat, far away from cats, in a family with small children with whom she loved to play. She was happy and extremely attached to all of them. She could even predict when her owner will have seasure and she would help her by pushing her to the bed. It all looked like a fairytale but Nera was making a mess in the house so she had to move to the box outside. Here ends Nera’s sad story of her search for „the forever home“. She was rescued from the box in bad condition and placed in the shelter where she is now patiently waiting for her new family. Nera is playful, she likes to walk and she is searching for responsible people who will never let her down. Cats aren’t for her because she can’t help her instincts. She has around 28 kilos.

Nera is vaccinated, spayed and has a microchip.