NERON ♂ – born 2011

Neron is related to Amor, and he also came to us after he spent a year in the City shelter. We knew that Neron is a wonderful dog, but we couldn’t imagine that level of gratitude and patience. First 2 weeks Neron spent in the quarantine because of castration. From the first day he returned to his small box in quarantine like it was his house. He literally didn’t separate from us more than 2 m. He smiled, smelled the air, meadows and people. With other dogs he is totally cool. Neron is a beautiful soul. He accepts with some kind of peace all what the life has given to him. And he looks at every person’s eyes with the same question: can I be your best friend? Neron’s youth has passed and he is now seeking a quiet old age. Easy walks and warm home. As you can see in the pictures, Neron has a mild cataract on his eyes, although we don’t yet noticed that he has vision problems. Neron is an ideal dog for people without any experience with dogs. He is calm and stabile, excellent on the leash and with other dogs.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He has about 25 kg and is 57 cm high. Thank you Doris Göbel for sponsoring Neron! 🙂