OLGA ♀ – born 02/2019

Dear Olga, saved from the worst conditions. She lived under the open sky, on a chain, with no one arround. Upon arrival, we expected a tormented, shy sweetheart who would need time to give us her trust. However, from the first moment, Olga seemed to realize that this is some other universe, and our shelter is a step into a more beautiful world. She loves our volunteers as her family, and gets along wonderfully with all the dogs. She spends her time playing with her roommate, and on walks she is cheerful and never too far away. Like she is afraid that she might accidentally wake up from a good night’s sleep if she loses us from the sight. Olga takes your breath away with her appearance, beautiful silk hair with a silver sheen and eyes like fireflies. Try not to fall in love with her. Olga is a calm dog with cheerful energy, focused on people. So simple, soft on a leash, great with people and children, she goes great with all other dogs. Since we know all her qualities, we don’t want for her to spend a day more in the shelter than necessary. We are looking forward to the RIGHT call that will take our beauty to her home forever.

Olga is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She is 53 cm tall and weighs 20 kg.